Advantage of Planting Board

One tool I’ve seen for years on the TV show Victory Garden is the plantation table, similar to the one pictured. I always thought it was a handy gardening tool, but it took me almost three years and hundreds of seedlings and thousands of seeds before I finally made one of my own.

Now that I’ve made one, I can’t believe I’ve ever lived without this tool. I use this planting board practically every time I plant something new in my vegetable beds. I even recently used it to plant my cornrows. It is a convenient tool that every gardener should have when planning to sow seeds again or arrange seedlings in an evenly spaced row.

There are several advantages of using this plantation. Firstly, it provides an easy way to level the floor in the bed. I use the smooth side and just move it over the floor, using the edges of the bed as a surface guide. I drop excess land on the sides, but you can also pick it up and turn it over to another part of your garden or beds.

Then the planting board is a convenient way to make shallow furrows in the soil. Just place the smooth end in the ground and apply some pressure by sliding it back and forth. The depth of the row is simply the result of the pressure you apply to the floor.

Thanks to the notches and markings, the spacing of vegetable seeds or transplants is a breeze. Just plant your seedlings or sow your seeds at the desired distance, cover them and you’re done. If you need to come back after and thin out your plants, you can easily get the exact distance you want with the plank.

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